Include that lib in my Visual C++ Project ?

  • gameplug

    gameplug - 2004-09-17

    I'm trying to use your library in my project.
    I need help using it in a Visual c++ MFC project using Visual Studio .NET

    How to integrate it into my C++ project ?
    I never did such a thing before, and google or so are not my friends achieving it !

    Sorry for my engligh

    Thanks in advance.


    • George Yunaev

      George Yunaev - 2004-09-24

      Sorry for late reply, I was very busy :(

      You can follow the next steps:

      1. Unpack the library somewhere (hope you can do so :)
      2. Add the "include" directory of libircclient to Options->Directories->Include Files menu item (in VC .NET it might be different; in VC6 it is exactly where I wrote)
      3. Add the "lib" directory of libircclient to Options->Directories->Library Files menu item (again, in VC .NET it might be different).

      That is all. Now you can #include <libircclient.h> and use it. Don't forget to add the libircclient-static.lib (or just libircclient.lib, if you prefer dynamic linkage) to the list of your project libs.

    • gameplug

      gameplug - 2004-09-29

      Thks for help
      I've managed to work with your library.

      IT ROCKS !

      I was looking for an equivalent since August !

      This one rules, I'm about to make it working in a multithreading way.

      I've got an assertion failure when i call :
      irc_run(irc_session) function.

      irc_connect returns 1 but I can't see the connexion on irc channel specified.

      My firewall see socket connexion OK on port specified.

      I also tried without firewall : the same.

      Is irc_run is an essential step or just a multithread only step ?

      Thanks in advance,


    • George Yunaev

      George Yunaev - 2004-09-29

      There is a problem in pre-built Win32 library - it does not support multithreading (no ENABLE_THREADS) define in Makefile, and a small piece of code should also be fixed.

      I'm going to release version 0.4 tomorrow, which will include .dsp/.dsw files for Visual Studio. These files will allow you to rebuild libircclient by yourself as well as build the example. Of course, multithreading issue will be also fixed.

      • gameplug

        gameplug - 2004-09-29

        Ok ok !

        It's a pretty nice job that you provide guy !

        I'm so excited to test this dude !

        Thanks a lot I will stay you tuned with the way i'm using it.

    • George Yunaev

      George Yunaev - 2004-09-30

      I've released 0.4, get it and try it.

    • gameplug

      gameplug - 2004-09-30

      Ok i'll try it this evening in my free time.


    • gameplug

      gameplug - 2004-09-30

      ok i didn't tried it so much, but i can't see dsw nor dsp files.

      that would pretty simplify my work :)


    • gameplug

      gameplug - 2004-09-30

      sry i found them !

      I apologize


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