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  • Anton Dedov

    Anton Dedov - 2005-03-14

    Hi all,

    I have a lot of things changed in my life recently. I had changed my job and had moved to another city. So there were no time neither any energy to contribute in Libiqxmlrpc in the near past.

    Now I am very need to know whether the development of this library still called for. Please tell me if you have any feature requests. I would also very pleased to find out about projects that uses libiqxmlrpc. It would keep up my motivation.

    Thank you.
    Anton Dedov

    • pminervini

      pminervini - 2009-06-09


      I'm actually using libiqxmlrpc heavily for a project (it's awesome, thanks a lot!); it's a translation service based on Apertium (a free/opensource machine translation framework): the service is currently a work-in-progress, most of the details about implementation etc. hare described here:

      Here you can test an early working prototype (it's an AJAX interface to a libiqxmlrpc-based XML-RPC service):

      I hope you like it and (eventually) find it useful :)

      Best regards

      Pasquale Minervini

      • Anton Dedov

        Anton Dedov - 2009-06-10

        Hello Pasquale!

        Thank you very much for your feed-back. I will add your project to library wiki soon.

      • Anton Dedov

        Anton Dedov - 2009-06-24


        I've added your project to the list of library users:

        Please review if link and comment text are OK.

        • pminervini

          pminervini - 2009-06-25

          Hi! Thanks a lot!
          I just updated that page with some more details, I hope it's ok :)

          Thanks a lot again and best regards

    • pminervini

      pminervini - 2009-06-12

      Indeed I have a feature request too.. please forgive me :)

      I have been successful at accessing a service implemented using libiqxmlrpc from Python/Java/Ruby/C-C++ (using both  xmlrpc-c and libiqxmlrpc) but I had some problems at accessing it from Perl (using all the modules available to make XML-RPC requests); I did some debugging and it looks like Perl's HTTP requests are made in a form libiqxmlrpc doesn't like too much.

      A simple Perl script to test a XML-RPC service would be this one:

      use XMLRPC::Test;

      I promise that when university and work will allow me to spend some time on it, I'll try to make and submit a patch :)

      Thanks a lot in advance,

      Pasquale Minervini

      • Anton Dedov

        Anton Dedov - 2009-06-14

        Hello Pasquale!

        Please check version 0.8.9 I hope an issue with perl were fixed.

        • pminervini

          pminervini - 2009-06-15

          It works like a charm now, thanks a lot! :)

          • Anton Dedov

            Anton Dedov - 2009-06-15

            You are welcome.

    • pminervini

      pminervini - 2009-06-24

      I've just added a build system using GNU build tools to the project, if you want to give it a try :)

      • Anton Dedov

        Anton Dedov - 2009-06-24



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