Thanks. I corrected it.
Much appreciated.


On 13 February 2011 18:03, Jan Engelhardt <> wrote:

On Sunday 2011-02-13 13:30, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>On Sunday 2011-02-13 06:23, Soham Das wrote:
>>int main()
>>        int a[]={1,2,3};
>>        HXmap_add(limitMap,a,limitMap);
>If you use key copying (HXMAP_CKEY), you need to specify how large
>the key actually is - when it is not a string (HXMAP_SKEY).
>I will be adding a patch to the library to emit a warning to
>catch this case.
>What you would need for your code is
>       HXmap_init5(HXMAPT_DEFAULT, HXMAP_CKEY, NULL, sizeof(int *), 0);

This should have been just sizeof(int).