Preview of version 1.8

Boruch Baum

Version 1.8 Preview

Version 1.8 is primarily a feature release for the command line programs hcal and hdate. The release will make only minor changes to the library itself, maintaining full compatability of the library's API.

both hcal and hdate

  • Custom events (eg. Yahrtzeits, anniversaries)
  • Timezone awareness (accept timezone abbreviation and timezone location names)
  • Location awareness (using system variables for timezone location and locale, and using file or my file derived from it)
  • Daylight savings time awareness, using system's own internal timezone database (package tzdata)
  • More flexible input options for dates, timezones and locations (use nl_langinfo)


  • More display formats (Hebrew-only and Hebrew with secondary Gregorian)
  • More display options (color, borders, spacing)


  • More zmanim (astronomical times of day) including daily afternoon times and times specific for Erev Pesach
  • More accuracy - sun-hour data is now in seconds, and times derived from it are thus more accurate. Changed method of displaying hh:mm from truncation to rounding.
  • Sefirat Ha-Omer text - two text options in user locale and Hebrew

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