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Still in very early development stages, libgeckobrowser project's main goal is to be an easy to use API to embed Gecko (Mozilla's Layout Engine) in your C++ application.

The API provided by Mozilla to embed Gecko has quite a steep learning curve. Anyone who ever tried developing an application using that API would agree that putting all the pieces together for even a simple project is nothing but a pain in the neck. As of this writing, Gecko embedding documentation is far from being complete; in fact it is mostly obsolete.

libgeckobrowser aims to allow you to focus on your application's code and not on the complexities of setting up and using low-level technologies such as XPCOM.


Windows (Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler v15 or later)

For now, I'm focusing on developing this library for Windows platform only supporting Microsoft Visual C++ compiler. However, in the future, if time allows me I'd love to develop it further for cross-platform use.


No files have been released so far because like I said, its still in very early development stage. However, whatever I've developed till now provides functionality to embed Gecko, open links, listen to DOM events, javascript, etc. I'm using it in one of my other projects and works fine without any issues. If you would like to take an early look at the source code before I release it, leave me a message with your reason and I'm sure we can arrange something. :)



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