SoLaR - 2011-10-22

What I done so far:
- downloaded win binaries OpenCV and extracted to T:\SDK\OpenCV
- have set OpenCV_DIR=T:\SDK\OpenCV\
- downloaded libface and extracted to T:\SDK\libface-0.1\
and followed README
while executing T:\SDK\libface-0.1\BUILD>set OpenCV_DIR=T:\SDK\OpenCV\
reported - Could NOT find Doxygen (missing:  DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE)
but finally made project files.
loaded project files into VS9 and hit ALL_BUILD
resulted in lround and round (function or template) missing

I know there is no round() in VS9 you need to implement it your self by
#define round(C) (int)floor(x+0.5)
wonder if lround implementation is the same ?
also have anyone tested install procedure for VS9 ?