I am a new user of libexif and am trying to apply it to an embedded application.


Unfortunately, I am having to tailor the library to the environment (Rabbit Semiconductor’s Dynamic C) that I have chosen.


On the main page for libexif (http://libexif.sourceforge.net/internals/main.html), it appears that in order to use the library “libexif”, one need only insert the statement:   #include <libexif/libexif-data.h> .


Scanning through the code for libexif-data.h, I see lots of #include statements for other libexif header files, but no #include statements for function files such as exif-data.c  or exif-utils.c.  And, the header files that are #included within exif-data.h seem not to contain any invocation of the function files (*.c).


I expected that #including exif-data.h would, directly and indirectly, cause all files of libexif to be included.


So, does an application program have to #include the *.c function files from the libexif library separately?


What am I missing?


Benny Smith