Thanx, Jan!
I will surely try it out!

On 9/2/05, Jan Patera <> wrote:
Privet Alexei,

Several people (including myself) have posted their (manually-edited)
config.h. Please find attached mine that I use with MSVC6.
NOTE: I don't use localization.

-- Jan

> Hello, people!
> I was hoping I could use libexif in a program I'm going to write, but
> couldn't find
> any information regarding library compilation under Windows (using MSVC
> 7.1 ).
> The only mailing list thread that raises this question has no answer..
> (
> I have tried to simply create a library project and to add all c/h files
> to  it,
> but one file is missing - config.h
> Tried to run "nmake configure", "nmake
> < >",  "nmake <all I could think of>",
> but alas.
> Is it possible at all? (without manually writing config.h, that is)
> Regards,
> Alexei Kireev