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Liberté Linux 2012.3 Released

This release is the first among Linux distributions to feature UEFI Secure Boot-based trusted boot sequence. Also in this release: optional non-anonymous boot mode, Tor bridges support, simplified boot parameters. Full announcement.

Posted by Maxim Kammerer 2012-09-01 Labels: secure boot tor bridges efi

Liberté Linux 2012.2 Released

This release features better boot media support (including fixes for SD and USB 3.0), new microhttpd-based cables communication implementation, VIPS image manipulation toolkit, and fixed key retrieval in GNU Privacy Assistant. Touchscreen calibration utility has been added. LXPanel now has working thermal sensor support.

Posted by Maxim Kammerer 2012-06-17

Liberté Linux 2012.1 Released

This releases features more extensive hardware and firmware support. Experimental (U)EFI booting support has been added. Most of the filesystem is now read-only. The SquashFS image is verified early in the boot process. Cables communication now realizes perfect forward secrecy and repudiability. Support for running as a virtualized guest has been improved. Epiphany is now used as the browser instead of Midori.

Posted by Maxim Kammerer 2012-05-13

A discussion portal for Liberté Linux

Forums and trackers are now located at — please read the announcement published there. Existing forum posts and tracker artifacts are still available on SourceForge — please don't extend them.

Posted by Maxim Kammerer 2011-12-23

Open Virtualization bundle

An OVA bundle for Liberté Linux 2011.2 is now available for download, tested with recent VMware Workstation (Linux) and VirtualBox (Linux, Windows). Future bundles will use LSI Logic SCSI adapter, but the one for 2011.2 uses BusLogic due to missing drivers (Fusion MPT) in Initramfs image. In VirtualBox, a virtio NIC can be selected; same can be done with VmxNet3 in VMware. The defaults should be fine, however.

Posted by Maxim Kammerer 2011-12-13

Liberté Linux 2011.2 Released

ISO images are now available in addition to ZIP files, which is useful for VMs and independent installs. EXT2-4 filesystems are now supported as well. Kernel was upgraded to 2.6.39 with SquashFS XZ compression and NX support; PentiumIII+ with PAE support is now required. All RAM is wiped on shutdown/reboot, regardless of 3 GiB address space limit. In X server, better touchpad support, better integration in VirtualBox (including shares automount), VMWare, QEMU guest. HFS and HFS+ filesystems are now supported as read-only automounts. Audio mixer channels are now heuristically set up on boot.... read more

Posted by Maxim Kammerer 2011-11-07

Cables Communication

Anonymous cables communication using the familiar email interface, that has been pioneered in Liberté Linux, is now an independent project:

Posted by Maxim Kammerer 2011-10-01

Liberté Linux 2011.1 Released

Secure and anonymous email-like communication was implemented. XChat, Pidgin, FBReader, OpenSSH client, and H.264 video / Speex audio encoding were added. Linux kernel 2.6.37 with SquashFS LZMA is used. Startup and shutdown were made faster using custom initramfs and parallel OpenRC. Haveged serves as a reliable entropy source, and NTP is disabled in favor of exclusive HTP over Tor. Kexec-based boot wipes RAM, even when triggered by boot media removal. KMS- and VESA-dependent boots have been separated, fixing video card issues. The X server locks the screen when a laptop's lid is closed, with improved lock robustness.

Posted by Maxim Kammerer 2011-05-29

Liberté Linux 2010.1 Released

Installation was simplified in Linux and in Windows. A script was added for stripped-down execution in QEMU. A virtual resizable encrypted partition was added. A special firewall-bypassing browser was added (for registration in Wi-Fi HotSpots). MAC address is automatically changed for wireless interfaces. Energy saving is done with Laptop Mode Tools. Many more changes and improvements were made — see ChangeLog in the download section for details.

Posted by Maxim Kammerer 2010-11-20