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0.1.5 release

minor bugfixes

Posted by Dennis Prochko 2010-11-26

0.1.3 release

The bugfixing release.
bugfix: dbp::url inproperly encodes symbols with code > 0x80
i18n class interface extended (ABI compatible)

Posted by Dennis Prochko 2010-06-16


The bugfixing release. Fixes:
- build issues on some systems
- win32 CGI and ISAPI applications issues
- dbp::compare class bugfix
- dbp::header class cookie issues

Posted by Dennis Prochko 2010-02-21

0.1.1 release is available

This is mostly bugfixing release. There minor bugs were found, related to cookie processing in http_header class. So, redesign of this class was completed and as the result, the API/ABI was changed. You should recompile your programs to use this library version.

Posted by Dennis Prochko 2010-01-17

The 0.1.0 version is released!

The dbPager Server development team is released the 0.1.0 version of the dbPager Classes Library. It provides not so many features, but it's currently stable. We are working on the next release. If you need any feature in the DCL, post the feature request to the tracker, we will implement it.

Posted by Dennis Prochko 2010-01-02

Release candidate is available!

The first release candidate of the DCL is available for download. There were minor changes, including of fixing of the win32 build issues and RPM spec file addition.

Happy testing^W using! ;)

Posted by Dennis Prochko 2009-12-13

Beta version of the libdcl is available!

I've create beta-version branch in the SVN tree, so the library code is freezing for the API changes. There will no changes in the library API in this version, only bugfixes are applied to the code. All active changes should go into SVN trunk (the base for 0.1.1 version).

You can use the DCL for the development, API is mature.

Happy testing!

Posted by Dennis Prochko 2009-11-25

Alpha version released

The first alpha version of the dbPager Classes Library is out!

There were some changes from a Technology Preview release (see ChangeLog file).

However, the dbp::http_server class is still unusable :( All issues with
this class will be fixed soon, see the SVN repository for a changes or
wait for alpha2 version.

Happy testing!

Posted by Dennis Prochko 2009-09-13

Technology preview release

Good news, everyone!

I'm just released technology preview (pre-alpha) release of the library.
The source code and the documentation is ready for download from the
sourceforge download area. The project web site is also updated with the
released documentation.

Feel free to compile the library on different platforms, use it and
report about bugs, post feature requests and discuss any experience with
the library on this forum or bug tracker.... read more

Posted by Dennis Prochko 2009-07-18