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libdc1394 v2.2.1 is out: minor update

Minor changes are:
- all files are now under the LGPL2 license
- Don't expose internal symbols
- Randomize read/write retry times on all platforms (use DC1394_SLOW_DOWN)
- Minor bug fixes
- Support POLL and WAIT capture on Windows.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2013-01-28

libdc1394 v2.2.0 is out: with windows stack

New Windows support added!

Minor changes are:

- fixed small memory leak in Juju
- added two USB cameras from Point Grey.

Posted by Dr. Peter Antoniac 2012-03-06

New Windows stack

A new version of the Windows stack is available in the GIT repository, "windows" branch.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2012-01-26

libdc1394 v2.1.4 is out: bug fixing

The changes include only bug fixes:

- Allow image buffers to be editable by client apps on Linux juju

- Correct error in downsample bayer function

- Rename poorly named externally-visible symbol usb_init

- Fix misc. compilation errors

Posted by Dr. Peter Antoniac 2011-11-17

2.1.3 out: fixing bugs, typos, new features

Version 2.1.3 is out. The new release adds fixes for usb writes larger than 1 quadlet, adds MAC OS needed frameworks to link line, updates the firewire-{cdev,constants}.h to latest version and license, fixes to dequeue/enqueue to return error code if usb transfer has error and, typo fixes found in dc1394/conversions.h


Posted by Dr. Peter Antoniac 2011-01-18

libdc1394: 2.1.2 out: fixing the ABI compatibility

This version just restores ABI compatibility that was broken in release 2.1.1.

Posted by Dr. Peter Antoniac 2009-06-15

libdc1394: 2.1.1 out: timestamp added

New features on Juju platform:

- Added timestamp support and implemented dc1394_read_cycle_timer function (requires kernel 2.6.24+).

- Implemented dc1394_camera_set_broadcast, dc1394_camera_get_broadcast, and automatic channel/bandwidth allocation (requires kernel 2.6.30+).

- New features for all platforms:

- Added new Format7 modes for IIDC 1.32

- Added missing documentation

- Bug fixes:... read more

Posted by Dr. Peter Antoniac 2009-06-01

libdc1394: 2.1.0 out: runtime platform selection added

The libdc1394 project has released a new upstream version:

New features include:
- USB support for Point Grey Chameleon and Firefly MV
- Platform selection at run-time instead of compile-time (juju, linux,
etc.). This eliminates the --with-juju-dir compile-time option.

The API and ABI are still maintained with the older versions.

- proper iso allocation/deallocation
- add timestamp support (as per linux 2.6.30)
- add broadcast support

Posted by Dr. Peter Antoniac 2009-02-01

libdc1394 minor/bugfix new release 2.0.3 available

New release:
This was a stability release.
Change log:
* Bug fixes:
+ Crash on Mac OS 10.4
+ Bad data in mixed x86_64/i386 environments with Juju
+ Wrong return value from dc1394_trigger_get_polarity()
+ Incomplete results from dc1394_deinterlace_stereo_frames()
* Compilation fixes when downloading from SVN
Todo of the next releases includes:
* new features.
* Runtime selection of platform (juju, linux legacy, mac os, etc.) vs current compile time. This will allow a single compile of libdc1394 to run on either juju or an older kernel.
* Support IIDC-over-USB from Point Grey.... read more

Posted by Dr. Peter Antoniac 2008-12-30

A Windows patch is being tested

If everything work as planned, this means libdc1394 will run on three platforms: Linux, OSX and Windows.


Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2007-07-23

We've moved to Subversion (SVN)!

Libdc1394 recently dropped CVS in favor of SVN. This change is accompanied by a change in the source tree or version 2.0 which will force you to change all #includes concerning libdc1394 in your programs. Version 2.0 has also become the trunk and version 1 has been moved to a branch.

Thanks to David for doing all this!

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2006-10-16

Mac OSX compatibility is there!

Thanks to the great work of David Moore libdc1394 can now be compiled and used under Mac OSX!

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2006-08-02

WARNING: the API of Version 2.0 may still change

I'm receiving more and more emails of people wondering why the API has changed (again). Don't blame me for this: the API of the pre-releases of 2.0 was meant to be evolving since the beginning (see the libdc mailing list archives). If you're not ready to dig in the code of libdc1394 these versions may not be for you. You should wait until the release candidates (RC) are out. I know it's been almost a year since I started to write v2 but I'm the only coder at this time so please be patient...

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2006-03-16

Support: please use the libdc1394-devel list!!

I have removed the trackers for bugs, feature requests and support requests as these pages were not really used anyway. Please use the mailing list to communicate with the project team. Thanks.

Posted by Damien Douxchamps 2006-01-25

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