Hello All ,

Have a small doubt it would be great if you help me .
here it is i have an error while running a code this is the error
There is a make file also which i have included.
Also i have tried putting vision.so into
and again did 
make clean
and make
But still doesnt help
PYLIB = /usr/bin
PYINC = /usr/include/python2.7

all:: vision.so

vision.so: vision.o fireflymv.o image.o
gcc -shared -W1 -ldc1394 -L$(PYLIB) -lpython2.7 -o vision.so vision.o fireflymv.o image.o  

fireflymv.o: fireflymv.c fireflymv.h
gcc fireflymv.c -c -fPIC -o fireflymv.o

image.o: image.c image.h
gcc image.c -c -fPIC -o image.o

vision.o: vision.c
gcc vision.c -c -fPIC -I$(PYINC) -o vision.o

rm -f vision.o image.o vision.so fireflymv.o *.pyc


import vision  
ImportError: /home/cfc/workspace1/test/vision.so: undefined symbol: dc1394_video_set_mode

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 2:26 PM, Damien Douxchamps <ddsf@douxchamps.net> wrote:
Hi Greg,

On Mon, 2012-01-16 at 21:11 +0000, Gregory Jefferis wrote:
> Hello,
> Can anyone happen to point me to some example code to set up on-chip
> binning?  I'm aiming to do 2x2 binning (ideally on an ROI) on a point
> grey grasshopper (GRAS-14S5M-C). In general do I have the freedom to
> set the unit size to whatever I fancy? I only see a set command:
> dc1394_format7_get_unit_size()
> And if I can do this what else do I need to worry about?
> Alternatively, do I just get to choose whatever higher mode I am
> offered in format 7 which implements binning? This camera does seem to
> have a format 7 mode with 2x2.

Binning is not a feature of IIDC, so vendors usually use different
Format_7 video modes to implement it. The maximal size of a 'binning'
video mode will thus be only half the maximal size of a normal mode.

F7M0: max size = 1280x1024
F7M1: max size = 640x1024 (horizontal binning)
F7M2: max size = 1280x512 (vertical binning)
F7M3: max size = 640x512 (full 2x2 binning)

Which mode corresponds to which binning depends on the model so
ultimately you'll have to check the camera docs to be sure.

To start using binning you just put the camera in the proper format_7
video mode and start capturing.

Damien Douxchamps   http://damien.douxchamps.net/

Damien Douxchamps   http://damien.douxchamps.net/

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