Rodolphe, I should have asked this earlier, but are you using a USB camera by any chance?

USB cameras actually don't use the "macosx" platform at all. They go through another platform called "usb" because libusb is already a cross-platform library.

The "macosx" platform is only for firewire cameras.


On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 5:34 PM, Rodolphe Pineau <> wrote:
Before going further I did some quick testing with the examples.
the grab_gray_image example works.
So I added a lot of logging directly in the lib using dc1394_log_warning to see if the function were properly called from the dispatch structure.
so in all the osx function I set something like this :

    dc1394_log_warning ("[dc1394_macosx_capture_setup]\n");

and in the main capture.c I added code like this :
    dc1394_log_warning("[dc1394_capture_setup should call the OS X function]\n");

and I recompile everything and ran the example :

libdc1394 warning: [macosx_init]

libdc1394 warning: [dc1394_macosx_get_device_list]

Using camera with GUID b09d01009da2de
libdc1394 warning: [dc1394_capture_setup should call the OS X function]

libdc1394 warning: [dc1394_capture_dequeue should call the OS X function]

wrote: image.pgm
libdc1394 warning: [dc1394_capture_stop should call the OS X function]

libdc1394 warning: [dc1394_macosx_free_device_list]

So as we can see some of  the OS X functions are not called !!!
I even went as far as doing this in the dc1394_macosx_capture_setup right at the begining of the function :

        err = DC1394_FAILURE;
        DC1394_ERR_RTN (err, "dc1394_macosx_capture_setup");

just in case…. nothing
I went in thew dispatch table and set .capture_setup = NULL
so that the dc1394_capture_setup should return DC1394_FUNCTION_NOT_SUPPORTED …. nothing …

so I'm slightly lost as to why the OS X function for the capture are not called.

Thank you


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