On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 8:30 AM, Rodolphe Pineau <pineau@rti-zone.org> wrote:

On Wed 2/27/13, at 4:03, Damien Douxchamps <ddsf@douxchamps.net> wrote:
>> Damien, will you accept a patch even if the code is not complete but
>> doesn't break existing functionality or feature ?
> If it's really part of a bigger change then I'd rather have a monolithic
> patch but if it's already an improvement in itself please share.

This doesn't really improve anything for other users than OS X users.
It also lay down the foundation work to add the runloop code to the usb platform.
And if David wants to help it's easier for him to already use my changes. As I don't have commit rights I can't create a feature branch that other OS X user/coder could use/contribute to.

I'm happy to help.

Honestly, the most important requirement is that the new code doesn't break the build on Linux or other platforms.


> Did you have success with the git repo? I can't test OSX here so you'll
> have to double check my commits ;)

Yes, I redid a clean checkout from the new URL and re-apply my changes
Thanks, Rodolphe

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