the question is the same but a few months later...  Is there any hope that one day libdc1394 works under WinXP ?
Iam not skilled enough in driver development to do it but still very interesting by that portability.
Thanks a lot for your answer,

Peter Antoniac a écrit :
On Wednesday 07 November 2007 16:25:44 Christian Eltges, INF-I-MA wrote:

i just started working on a new project and we're in need of a platform
independent firewire-camera API (windows,linux).
My question now is, if libdc1394 is already usable on winXP and if not, how
much work is still left to get it working on windows.

There has been some work there [1] by Vladimir Avdonin, and there is a patch 
that has been discussed on the list. Unfortunately, because M$ decided to 
change their Windows Driver API (last time I checked it was called Microsoft 
Windows Driver Kit 6001), the patch doesn't work YET with the newer WDK->DDK.

The patch required the Cygwin and MinGW. This lead to some discussion also 
about cross compiling it on linux (especially since the main developer has 
Linux). The development is now stalled because we don't have a person that 
knows the Win32 architecture and has the time to do the changes. My guess is 
that it could be done in 2-4 weeks by a good programmer at maximum (including 

This is the status as far as I remember...