What is it?
libCIGI is a simple library that provides a set of classes for intefacing with CIGI (Common Image Generator Interface) image generators. It can also be used by image generator vendors as the interface to host applications.

What versions are supported?
Currently 3.0 / 3.1, 3.2 & 3.3 are supported according to the ICD. There is also support for the draft 4.0 standard although this may well change once 4.0 is released.
As well as supporting the versions directly there are also a number of interpreters that can convert between the supported versions so connecting your 4.0 IG to the Boeing host emulator (on 3.2) will still work (in most cases!).

Why should I use it?
Because CIGI contains a lot of bitfields that make it a little tricky to use directly. Using a standard library simplifies this.
Look at the examples! Writing a dummy IG that does a lot of complex stuff doesn't require much code! The same goes for a dummy host.

What platforms are supported
The library is header only so has no platform / compiler specific build process, however it uses bitfields which aren't that standard so until that is factored out compatibility needs to be tested.

The wiki uses Markdown syntax.


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