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libbpfl v0.2.0beta release

libbpfl is a general purpose C++ library for Bayesian Filtering. Essentially Bayesian Filtering is a way of having a program learn to categorize information from a specific user through pattern recognition. This release has some fairly big changes, mainly to the interface, some classes were renamed to be a little more decriptive. Internally the calculations are done with arbitrary precision ratios, for more exact score calculation.

Posted by Anthony Ventimiglia 2003-04-01

Plans for the next release

I've begun making and incorporating design plans for the next minor level release (0.2.0). So far, I've incorparated the CLN Numeric library for exact computation, this was really required since if large vectors of scores are multiplies together they can lose precision to the point of becoming zero, which totally kills the whole scoring process. Using CLN's Ratio types, provides exact computations which are only converted to float's on output.... read more

Posted by Anthony Ventimiglia 2003-03-20

0.1.2alpha released

This came pretty quickly after the last, but in the development of bmpflat, I realized I had to enable the main classes to have virtual bases. The reason why I released this patch is because I want to have a library that will be fully compatible with bmpflat when it's ready.

Posted by Anthony Ventimiglia 2003-03-19

0.1.1alpha released

This is just a very minor interface change. See the DhangeLog for details.

Posted by Anthony Ventimiglia 2003-03-18

0.1.0alpha release

This is the first release of libbpfl, it is ALPHA, I'm pretty confident that it works well, but the interface isn't refined, and the documentation is quite lacking. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or problems.

Posted by Anthony Ventimiglia 2003-03-13

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