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Ubuntu packages are now available!

I've uploaded libbash to my ubuntu PPA:

To grab libbash, add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main


Posted by Hai-Zaar 2008-06-16

Wiki documentation available

Wiki documentation available. Wiki is now the default page when you access

Posted by Hai-Zaar 2008-06-11

Debian packages available

Debian packages for libbash 0.9.10b are now available. Tested on debian/lenny.

Posted by Hai-Zaar 2008-06-11

libbash-0.9.10b releaed!

Another bug fix release - fixed bug in getopts library.

Posted by Hai-Zaar 2008-06-11

libbash-0.9.10a released!

libbash-0.9.10 has a vital bug in getopts library. We stronghly encourage to upgrade to version 0.9.10a.

Posted by Hai-Zaar 2006-05-10

libbash-0.9.10 released!

getopts can now handle parameters that contain white spaces.

Posted by Hai-Zaar 2006-05-02

rpms are now available.

libbash is now bundled with rpm spec file. rpms are available online as well.

Posted by Hai-Zaar 2006-01-02

libbash-0.9.9a is released!

One of the features is an addition of the new library - urlcoding - for encoding and decoding URL strings.

Posted by Hai-Zaar 2006-01-02

0.9.8b is out

New release is out - 0.9.8b - mostly documentation fixes.

Posted by Hai-Zaar 2005-08-29

Google has finally found us

Google has found us! - finally, reports some real results!

Posted by Hai-Zaar 2005-08-28

libbash on freshmeat

We are now listed on freshmeat!
Google will find us soon hopefully :)

Posted by Hai-Zaar 2005-08-25

libbash goes online

We are online finally! Thanks to sourceforge!

Posted by Hai-Zaar 2005-08-25