Ver 1.1.1 on windows?

  • Dave Salgueiro

    Dave Salgueiro - 2002-12-25

    Hello, I am a windows user and a rabid fan of the 5 star series of games, yes even star general. 
         Are there any plans to develop a Panzer General 2, or People's General or Pacific General game? Those are my personal favorite.  I really do love the new battle tactics in your version of LGeneral.  I currently use ver 1.0.3 on windows xp.

    1)  The campaign mode crashes after completing the 1st mission.

    2)  If you let 2 players in a scenario be CPU, the game immediately crashes.


    4)  what am a I missing in version 1.1.1? Were any of these problems fixed?

    is there a Windows version going to be worked on?

    Please tell me someone will port Pacific General, or a LPacific General.



    Btw, i've nearly every scenario as both sides.

    • Peter Ivanyi

      Peter Ivanyi - 2003-01-06

      > Are there any plans to develop a Panzer General
      > 2, or People's General or Pacific General game?

      Currently, I do not think so, but maybe Michael
      thinks differently. (I think he took over another,
      similar project not long ago.) Personally I would
      like LGeneral to be rock solid.

      As time permits I will check your point 1 and 2.
      To answer point 3; there is definitely
      reinforcement when you play the very first Poland
      Point 4: I do not know.


    • Dave Salgueiro

      Dave Salgueiro - 2003-02-25

      I see that version 1.1 is now available for windows HOOORAAAY!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much for compiling it!!!!!.  I'll test it out as soon as I can.

      Thanks again,


    • Anonymous - 2003-04-18

      Just tried it on Windows XP... looks realy great and the best conversion on an old game I ever seen on the net.

      Realy hope that this project will be supported and expanded in the future, don't think so many knows about it and earlier I personaly thought that it was an Linux "only" version and din't worked with Windows.

      Have posted the link's on 2 very good PG2 and PG1 sites today, see if any intress can be found there (It's a lot of very good "modding programmer's" around on thoose sites).



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