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New LBreakout2 Theme and Sets

OFT has submitted a new theme called 'Frameless' which is actually a collection of themes allowing 44 combinations of colors and backgrounds. He also submitted a new levelset 'HartzIV' and an update of 'NewBricks'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2013-11-15

LTris 1.0.19 Released

Some small fixes: The key state is cleared when unpausing game to prevent unwanted block movement by accidently hitting a key. The binary is no longer linked against lib math as it is not needed. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2013-10-29

Update of LBreakout2 levelset

G has submitted an update of levelset 'TheEnd'. It has now 14 levels. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2013-10-29

New LBreakout2 Levelset

Cpt. Charisma has submitted a new levelset called JustForFun for LBreakout2. Also his set MegaDoomer which was previously by mistake only included to the package now appears on this web site as well. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2013-08-18

New LBreakout2 Theme

Will Pittenger has submitted a new LBreakout2 theme called 'Beveled'. You can find it in the theme section of the LBreakout2 project. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2013-08-01

New LBreakout2 Levelsets

Olaf Friedrich Tanna has updated a number of LBreakout2 levelsets (Memory, Football, Astra and more) and submitted a new one called "Belief". [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2013-03-20

New LBreakout2 Levelsets

Olaf Friedrich Tanna has submitted a number of new or updated levelsets for LBreakout2, namely Astra, BrownBricks, Football, Memory2, PCGames and Germany. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2012-08-15

LBreakout 2.6.4 Released

A buffer overflow related to long configuration path name and a compile error have been fixed. Also, a bunch of new levelsets has been added. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2012-06-26

LGeneral 1.2.3 Released

This release brings a few enhancements and fixes for the PG converter to allow easier conversion of whole campaigns. Also some minor bugs were fixed in LGeneral (thanks to Bartlomiej Tez). [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2012-04-20

New LBreakout2 Levelsets

Olaf Friedrich has finished his journey around the globe and submitted another 7 levelsets (North Africa, Middle Africa, South Africa, Oceania, North America, South America, AllWord) completing his series of sets showing flags of all the different nations. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2012-01-22

LTris 1.0.18 Released and Ported to Windows

This release adds an option to configure vertical speed for moving block down by key as it drops too quickly on fast computers. Also, thanks to Jonathan Liu there is now a win32 port available. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-10-30

New LBreakout2 Levelsets and Themes

Olaf Friedrichs has submitted a number of new levelsets (namely WestAsia, EastAsia, Asteroids, GreenBricks, Memory, NewBricks) and four new themes (namely Universe, Marble, Wood, Metal) for LBreakout2. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-10-26

New LGeneral Campaign

Bartlomiej Tez has submitted a small fictious WW2 campaign for LGeneral called 'SF Campaign' featuring 4 scenarios. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-10-25

LTris 1.0.17 Released

Some minor changes: The key for pausing the game, previously fixed to P, is now configurable. If rotation of a block would fail because of left or right boundary the block is shifted instead of not rotating at all. And the "Game Over" screen can be exited by any key not only Escape. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-08-25

LGeneral 1.2.2 Released

The converter lgc-pg has been enhanced and its documentation improved to allow easier conversion of custom PG campaigns. A buffer overflow in generating unit names and a corruption in the movement mask when transporter did not use fuel were fixed. Last but not least, several Gentoo build patches have been applied. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-08-16

More LGeneral Scenarios

More scenarios have been converted by Vadim and added to the scenario pack which now contains more than 40 additional PG scenarios. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-08-15

New LGeneral Scenarios

Vadim Balashoff has converted some more Panzer General scenarios for LGeneral. All scenarios can now be easily downloaded as one archive. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-08-06

JWordTrainer 1.1.1 Released

The search dialog is now accessed by hyperlink and directly shown if requested in the URL. The search expression prompt is unfocused on pressing Return for better use on mobile devices. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-08-04

Barrage 1.0.4 Released

This release fixes a bunch of smaller issues regarding security, compilation, installation, etc. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-07-28

JWordTrainer 1.1 Released

The interface has been completely redesigned to allow comfortable usage even on mobile devices like iPod Touch without being especially coded for them. Also searching words is now easier as the basic latin letters may be used instead of the corresponding UTF-8 letters. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-06-19

LGeneral 1.2.1 Released

Instead of the hardcoded standard screen resolutions all supported resolutions are now queried and can be selected from a list. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-06-13

New LBreakout2 Levelsets

Olaf Friedrich has submitted the levelsets 'EastEurope', 'WestEurope', 'OldGames', and 'PCGames', Felipe Ruiz Peixoto the set 'Horror' and Nethippy 'Lattices' and 'Madness' as well as an update for 'AllNighter'. All of these are now available in the levelsets section of LBreakout2. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-06-10

LBreakout 2.6.3 Released

This release provides a comfortable levelset selection dialog. It shows a screenshot of the first level and the highscore chart. Also, some compile issues and warnings were fixed and the french localisation has been updated. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-03-08

LTris 1.0.16 Released

Pieces are now dealt according to official guideline: A sequence of all 7 tetrominoes in random order is generated and dealt out piece by piece before generating another sequence, making long runs without a desired tetromino much more unlikely (at maximum there can 12 pieces before same tetromino is dealt again). Also, to improve balance in multiplayer game all players get the same sequence of tetrominoes and expert mode has been modified to deal most unsuitable piece from current sequence instead of random piece. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-03-03

New LBreakout2 Levelset

Krzysiek Goc has submitted a new levelset for LBreakout2 called 'Wizi'. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2011-03-01