LBreakout 2.6 Released

The reason why this release has been beta for a long time is that I intended to rewrite the network code from scratch. Unfortunately, I did not find the time to complete this task and by now I don't think I will ever dig into it again. But the current solution should be good enough for LAN play. So this release provides just minor enhancements and fixes mostly related to compiling and configuration. Apart from that there is now a better French localization, all currently available level sets are included and the game should appear in the menu of the desktop environment on installation (via XDG support). I have also added a hidden option to disable the swearing on loosing a ball by default. It can only be enabled by manually editing the config file (explained in the README). So now it is fully suitable for children. [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2009-10-26

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