LGeneral 1.2beta-3 Released

Wow, this is news! One and a half year later there is finally a new release for LGeneral. I am quite surprised by this myself, really. I sometimes received smaller patches and suggestions but merely incorporated them (shame on me, yes). Sorry to those folks but I have faced a severe lack of time and motivation, so I never made a release. :-/

But then Leo Savernik submitted a HUGE patch fixing and enhancing more things than could be listed here. Enough to let me do another release, actually. See the Changelog at http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=216836 for the most prominent changes. Some highlights are:
- Reinforcements for Warsaw, Low Countries, France, Barbarossa and Ardennes
- Suppression and casualties of a fight are displayed
- Fuel costs shown in advance allow for better movement planning
- A strategy guide has been included
- A lot of gameplay tweaking and some AI seg fault fixes [end]

Posted by Michael Speck 2005-09-17

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