OCC - expired time

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Where can I setup expiration time? It would be cool if you can setup expiration time at start, with 0 for unlimited time too.

    • murphyz

      murphyz - 2006-01-12

      Open the chess.php file and find the following line:

      if ( timePassed( trim($game[0]) ) > 2419200 /*four weeks*/ )

      2419200 is the amount of time in seconds - change this to what you want..

      seconds time
      ------- ------
      60    minute
      3600    hour
      86400    day
      604800    week
      2419200    month (4 weeks)

      It's not set up to set the time for each game...perhaps that feature could be added in a future release.

      Hope this helps.



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