Problem with arrow keys [ltris]

  • Giorgos

    Giorgos - 2014-07-23

    Hi! :-)

    The arrow keys are misbehaving in ltris.
    Many times the right or left arrow get easily double-clicked and the tile is moving 2 places (instead of one).

    I compiled the last ltris version (1.0.19) at OpenSUSE 13.1 x64 KDE.
    I was playing ltris at past at Kubuntu without a problem.
    Seems like something is problematic, specifically in OpenSUSE.

    Bye! :-)

  • Michael Speck

    Michael Speck - 2014-07-25

    Hi there,
    you could try to increase horizontal move delay. if this value is too low what you described may happen. apart from that... sounds more like something in SDL or KDE so it should be better reported to the OpenSUSE package maintainer.

  • Giorgos

    Giorgos - 2014-07-27

    1) THANKS Michael!!! :-)
    I'll try that.

    I couldn't found any such package! :-(
    I compiled it, from sources.

    2) I also have installed LBreakout 2 (also compiled from sources, without network support).

    The problem I have, is that the ball remains stacked at the paddle and I can't release it. :-)

  • Giorgos

    Giorgos - 2014-07-28

    1) Indeed! Increasing horizontal delay, solves the problem.
    THANKS again!!! :-)

  • Michael Speck

    Michael Speck - 2014-07-29

    Hi there,
    okay, no package, no maintainer, of course. :-) For LBr2 pressing left/right mouse button should do the trick. Alternatively you could try to Space or Y key. If none of this works I don't know what is the problem. Maybe changing SDL version then could be a solution as input information is provided by that API... regards and enjoy playing!

  • Giorgos

    Giorgos - 2014-07-31

    No, I couldn't release the ball neither with keyboard nor with mouse.
    Anyway! I'll play LTris instead. :-)
    THANKS!!! :-)


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