lgeneral: Can't pass the first mission

  • Eduardo Moreno Araya


    I installed lgeneral by first time using the original CD dats... I start a new campaign, when i win the first battle (poland) I receive the "Major Victory" screen, then i go to a resume screen showing the final situation over the map... when I go to "next turn" (the unique button doing something) I exit the game!! what i'm doing wrong?


    • Michael Speck

      Michael Speck - 2005-09-16

      This should be fixed by now. The upcoming release will fix this definitely.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Michael:
                     You game is great!!.
                      I need the fix!!!!!!

    • Michael Speck

      Michael Speck - 2005-10-14

      Love to here this. :-) Is it fixed?


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