Segmentation fault on startup. Help!

Mary Wood
  • Mary Wood

    Mary Wood - 2011-02-04

    The whole system froze the other day while I was playing lbreakout2. I powered down, powered back up, and now I get the following error whenever I try to launch:

    ~$ lbreakout2
    LBreakout2 2.6.1
    Copyright 2001-2005 Michael Speck
    Published under GNU GPL
    Looking up data in: /usr/share/games/lbreakout2
    Looking up custom levels in: /home/mp/.lgames/lbreakout2-levels
    Loading theme 'AbsoluteB'
    Saving highscore chart in: /var/games
    Segmentation fault

    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. No other programs appear affected.

    Help an lbreakout2 addict?

  • Michael Speck

    Michael Speck - 2011-03-02

    Hm, it is difficult to say, but I guess maybe your highscore file got corrupted and causes lbreakout to crash? Can you please try to rename /var/games/lbreakout2.hscr to /var/games/lbreakout2.hscr.old and see if this "fixes" it? Because I think this file is kept even when uninstalling to allow updating game without loosing highscores.

    If that doesn't work maybe some configuration in your home directory is broken (again this is kept I think). So please have a look into ~/.lgames (notice the dot!) and rename lbreakout2.conf.

    In case either the highscore file or the configuration file is causing the trouble, please send it to me so I can check and fix the bug. I guess one of these files got corrupted by the crash.

    Hope this helps…


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