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Web site

Unfortunatenly old web site still exists... soon this will be fixed.

Posted by jartur 2004-06-02

First concepts (in HTML_ru_RU soon)

*system of proffesions and guilds
--*proffesion is not fixed
*system of skills
--*you obtain skills at the time of choosing your profession/guild
--*you obtain one more skill every 5 levels
----*you can choose from any skill which is currently available on mud (this may be changed)
--*skills are not limited in proficiency
*number of levels is limited (from 50 to 100 for now)
--*one perk every 3 to 5 levels
*needed exp grows strictly as 2^level
*compass like this in
*system of reputation & fame
*text map drawing support
*more features... read more

Posted by jartur 2004-06-02

The project receives new goals!

Right from now it is a MUD project.
Let's make a great MUSH!

To this moment I am developing the concept of the World. I want it to be a great World!

About engine: I hope o-mud project will cooperate w/ us.

Posted by jartur 2004-06-01