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L3TK is a software toolkit for analysis of Level 3 fingerprint features in high resolution fingerprint images. Level 3 fingerprint features are the sweat pores, ridge contours, and edgeoscopic points along the contours. The figure below shows a high resolution fingerprint image and images produced directly by the software, highlighting the pores, ridge contours, and edgeoscopic points.

L3TK contains the software libraries for generation of Level 3 feature templates from high resolution fingerprint images, as well as a command line interface for executing the library functions.


Visit the SourceForge project page to download the latest release or browse the code repository.


The contents of the User's Guide to L3TK have been converted to articles in the User's Guide category in order to facilitate revision of the guide. As a result, the original user's guide is deprecated, but may be downloaded here.

The main categories containing information about L3TK are:

The public release of L3TK does not currently support matching of Level 3 feature templates. The implementation of Level 3 feature template extraction methods depends on the non-export-controlled NIST Biometric Image Software packages, but the template matching executed during the research and development phase was accomplished with the export-controlled portion of NBIS. See the [Technical_Report] for information on utilizing the NBIS export-controlled matching software to match Level 3 feature templates.

Please see the disclaimer.

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