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Leszek Project 2.0 / News: Recent posts


From today Leszek uses flyspray located at to manage bug/wishlists and tasks.

I'm looking for people that would like to help me with this project. Especially PHP programmers and gfx artists - I'd like to make first alpha version available before summer :)

Posted by Kamil Kamiński 2007-03-05

First milestone done!

Today I've finished .vcf reading/writing class with image and IM's storing. Instant messanger addresses are in KDE kaddressbook format so .vcf's are easy to import into KDE ;)

Posted by Kamil Kamiński 2007-01-01

First graphical contact

Today I've released the first graphical 'things' in Leszek! For now it is only logging screen, and additionally there is no user accounting yet, but... validating username (or e-mail) and password is working. Trust me ;)

Posted by Kamil Kamiński 2006-12-06