Announcements of new builds

John M
  • John M

    John M - 2009-06-16

    For those of us watching lessfs, it would be awesome if an announcement were made when new builds are posted.

    I am now monitoring the package too, but a quick announcement always helps too :).



    • Mark Ruijter

      Mark Ruijter - 2009-06-21

      A new version of lessfs is now available for download.
                                      : 0.2.2   2009-06-21
                                      : This release adds supports for NFS. It also fixes
                                      : some potential problems with the internal cache code.
                                      : NFS is only supported with kernel >= 2.6.30 earlier
                                      : kernels will corrupt large files written with NFS!
                                      : A lot of code has changed in this release so please
                                      : do not use this version for production.

      Please put this version to the test since much has changed.



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