lessfs 0.1.20 invalid meta data

  • Richard De Vos

    Richard De Vos - 2009-05-05


    I start testing with lessfs (0.1.20) running on ubuntu 9.04 with fuse 2.8.0-pre2 and tokyocabine 1.4.18
    but after a full disk i get a invalid meta data when i try to start lessfs

    lessfs /etc/lessfs.cfg /mnt/lessfs -f -o use_ino,readdir_ino,default_permissions,allow_other,big_writes,max_read=131072,max_write=131072
    lessfs[16509]: invalid meta data

    Did is no realy a probleem because at the moment it's just a test trying out lessfs with the bacula backup system.

    But how could i repair the meta data?



    • Mark Ruijter

      Mark Ruijter - 2009-05-05

      I am afraid that you have found a real bug that I can easily reproduce. I will have to investigate how you can recover your data. The message 'invalid meta data' comes directly from the tokyocabinet library. I will contact mikio and see what he has to say about this.

      I will also change lessfs so that it checks that the filesystems that contain the databases have enough free space.


    • Richard De Vos

      Richard De Vos - 2009-05-06

      Hello Mark,

      The data isn't important (just some test run with bacula) but it would be greet to know that it could be recovered, just in case.

      Thanks for the fast reply.



    • Mark Ruijter

      Mark Ruijter - 2009-05-15

      lessfs 0.1.22 halts all I/O when diskspace goes below 10% (default).

      There is a way to recover damaged databases that should work most of the time:
      > > Is there any way to recover from this problem?

      The following command can recover the database file in usual cases.

        tchmgr optimize -nl somefilepath

      However, it is not assured in the disk full situation.



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