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Improved SZ/RZ

Hi all,

this new build (with a sync with the latest Putty) addresses a problem with zmodem transfer that was very annoying: it used to look like it was hanged on big files, even though it was still transfering data in the background. This is now fixed, so you get a good ETA, etc.


Posted by Nicolas Barry 2006-10-03

New build (at last)

I has been a while, but here it is, the updated Le Putty.
I didn't update it for a while as the previous build was wokring very well.

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2006-04-20

November build

included are some internal changes from Putty concerning authentication.
also a fix for a bug in the agent code that was causing remote ssh connections to hang when disconnecting (as in, ssh-ing to a server from the server that putty was connected to with agent forwarding enabled)

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2005-11-19

Minor update

In this new build, a few minor changes, and a crash fix in SSH1 (with key auth and a bad key phrase).
The new feature from Putty is that now when you start typing the name of the config, the corresponding config gets highlighted in the config list.

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2005-09-28

Important fix

I just fixed a problem in the port forwarding code, I submitted it to the Putty guys too.
The bug was causing transfers to lose data when the connection was closed: typically a http get (svn co) or a cvs checkout through a port forward.

Here is a build that contains this fix (plus the latest changes from Putty).

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2005-06-21

Special build update for SSH-1 users

I put up a new build that should resolve some issues with SSH 1 that was broken in the trunk builds for a while

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2005-05-04

New build available

This one seems pretty solid. It's the first one in a while that doesn't show the "connection lost" problem with WinCVS (at least for me!).

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2005-04-28

Updated trunk build

Mostly bug fixes

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2005-03-29

New trunk build

For those of you that want to get the new features from the current Putty, I merged the trunk from Putty into LePutty's trunk and posted a build referenced as "trunk".
Note that there might be some problems with it as it's the current development branch (but hey, you got all sorts of new features).

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2005-02-02

Important release, please read

I did a merge from putty today:
PuTTY 0.56, released today, fixes a serious security hole which can allow a server to execute code of its choice on a PuTTY client connecting to it. In SSH2, the attack can be performed before host key verification, meaning that even if you trust the server you think you are connecting to, a different machine could be impersonating it and could launch the attack before you could tell the difference. We recommend everybody upgrade to 0.56 as soon as possible.... read more

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2004-10-26

Back to school release

This release adds support for CHAP authentication
when talking to SOCKS 5 proxies, plus other fixes.

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2004-09-24

Security update, please read

The new build contains an important security update to LePutty. The vulnerability could allow an evil server to take control of your computer. Read the release notes for more information

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2004-08-05

Looking for developpers!

I don't have time to add new features, but maybe you do?
Please submit your patches!!
If you're looking for ideas of things to add to LePutty, look at the Tracker page

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2004-05-11

Fixed release

Today's release just addresses an issue that came up with the use of the new compiler. Some of you could not run the binary, that is now fixed.

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2004-03-01

Binary release

Hello all, I know it has been a long time, so here it is, a refresh after the Putty release of a few weeks ago.

Note that the binaries are compiled with Visual Studio .net now (so you might have to get the runtime dlls if you don't have them already)

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2004-02-18

Oktober Refresh

Ok, here's a refresh with the latest tree from Putty


Posted by Nicolas Barry 2003-10-18

Issue with today's build

ok, it might not affect you, but if you're using pageant, you have to upgrade to the latest development version (not the latest release) of it that you can find at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html

also note that it seems that parralel authentication seems broken at the time (if you ssh to several places at the same exact time).

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2003-06-04


Ok, I just uploaded a new build
Hopefully it's not broken ~~ Let me know if you find out any issues.
This one is using the new UI thing from putty, you might notice a few changes...

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2003-06-03

Still on hold for release

The changes in the latest Putty doesn't seem to be very stable, so I am still waiting on them for the UI to stabilize a bit. Hopefully we'll get a new release soon :)
They did quite some work on the proxy support side for example, the rest is more or less eye candy, wait and see...

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2003-05-16

At last!

Got the merge done with the latest Putty, and did a new release build. Had to rework some of the ui after those guys changes.
We still got the edge over Putty for bugfixes though :)

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2003-04-03

February Monthly Release

Only a few minor changes, don't expect any new features in this one. Mostly bug fixes

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2003-02-10

First 2003 build!

The guys at Putty got busy during the holidays!
Here's a sync ~~ enjoy

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2003-01-08

New refresh release

Just posted a sync with the latest Putty, have fun, and happy holidays!

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2002-12-17

Next release end of the week

I am planning on doing a new release end of this week, as there is an important bux fix that landed for http proxy.

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2002-12-09

First release!

Please let me know if there are any problems with this first release :)

Posted by Nicolas Barry 2002-11-13

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