Le Putty Compiling Problems

  • Canuck

    Canuck - 2005-12-16

    Does anyone know how to fix the compilation problems assocated with Le Putty under Windows XP and MSVC 6.0 environment?

    I got the following errors:

    could not open D:\Downloads\LePutty\scp.rc

    There is no scp.rc anywhere.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    • Nicolas Barry

      Nicolas Barry - 2005-12-22

      I stopped using visual studio 6 for compiling le putty, I use visual studio 2003 (vs 7.0). I don't even have a machine with vs 6 to make the changes.
      I might move to 7.1 soon (visual c++ 7.1 express, the free one).
      As for the visual 6 project files, I didn't keep them up to date (I didn't delete them in case someone wanted a starting point).
      You can look at the change log for the vs 7.0 project files to see what I have been doing since I stopped modifying the 6.0 project files.
      I will be happy to apply your changes when you figure out everything.


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