Is z-modem supposed to start automatically?

  • ragga

    ragga - 2003-06-16

    I am a TTSSH user trying out Le Putty.  TTSSH works well with z-modem transfers.

    When I try to download with Le Putty via z-modem nothing happens.

    I have entered the paths to rz.exe and sz.exe in Le Putty settings.

    I'm sure I am missing something obvious.  I apologize for my ignorance.


    • Nicolas Barry

      Nicolas Barry - 2003-06-28

      Sorry for the inconveniance, but I had to package rz.exe and sz.exe in a different archive for license issues.

      Maybe your problem is that typing "sz" or "rz" in your terminal doesn't (yet) invokes rz or sz.
      Try typing rz in your terminal and then from the menu hit the "ZModem Upload".

    • ragga

      ragga - 2003-08-25

      Have you ever tried using Le Putty with Lynx, runnig on a remote UNIX box? 

      • Nicolas Barry

        Nicolas Barry - 2003-08-25

        Lynx works fine, but I don't see the relation with zmodem?

    • ragga

      ragga - 2003-08-29

      If you use Le PuTTY to make an SSH connection to a UNIX system (e.g.,, run Lynx on that system and try to download something from the internet, zmodem does not start.  How do you get it to start?

      If you use Tera Term Pro (ttssh) to do the same thing, you can start zmodem from the file menu: File|Transfer|ZMODEM|Receive. 

      Thanks for your help. 

      I really would like to dump Tera Term for PuTTY but the lack of zmodem support keeps me from switching.  I'd like to try Le PuTTY but I can't get it to work as described above.

      • Nicolas Barry

        Nicolas Barry - 2003-09-03

        To start a zmodem download, simply go in the main menu (top left corner of the window), and click on "zmodem receive", close to the bottom of the menu list.


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