LenMus Phonascus 4.1 Release Notes

What's new in 4.1

The main changes introduced by release 4.1 are the following:

The score editor

The score editor is much more stable, as a lot of debbuging was done and all known bugs have been fixed; nevertheless, it is still not finished and continues in beta status. The editor includes now more features but few of them will be noticeable in this release. The most visible are:

Among the 'hidden' improvements the following should be mentioned:

To finish the debugging of the editor I need your help. Really!. Take into account that most of my time is devoted to programming, not to use the program. Therefore you probably will catch more errors than me!. In order that you can collaborate in this task, the program now saves data about the score being edited and the action performed, and if the program crashes it saves these data in a "forensic log". It is a simple file, in text format (you can open it at see its contents) and it does not contains any identification data of any nature (personal, equipment, internet address, etc). It only has the score being edited an the actions being performed. Please, consider e-mailing me this log if you experience a crash. Thank you.

Exercises and eBooks

The interval's exercise has been reviewed and splitted into two exercises, one to identify intervals and aonother one to build them. The identification exercise has been re-structured into four difficulty levels. The exercise settings has been rebuild and there are now more options.

eBook Theory & harmony now includes a new chapter on intervals. But only the first lesson is included. Sorry! I have no more time!

The Leitner learning methodology is now included in some exercises. Originally, LenMus exercises were not based on any particular learning methodology. Questions were selected just at random and no student performance data was saved. Version 4.1 now includes support in some exercises for a spaced repetition learning technique, also known as Leitner method or flashcards method. A database to save user data about exercises and answers has already been added and I have started to modify exercises to include four working modes: 'learning', 'practising', 'exam' and 'quiz'

User requests and other changes

  1. Some users requested to have a count off before starting any score play back. Count off has been added for scores opened in the editor and for scores in music reading exercises.
  2. I received some reports on problems when using low screen resolutions or big size icons in the toolbar, as the buttons didn't fit on the available space and some of them were not visible on the screen; as the actions performed with these buttons were not available on the main menu the user could not interact with the program. Now: