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Sean Francis Ballais

Welcome to the LNA(Le Name Analyst) wiki!

What is Le Name Analyst?
Le Name Analyst or LNA is a simple game that gives anonymous meanings to the first name of a person. This will be a fun and interactive game for people who wants to have fun especially for teenagers.

How is it played?
LNA can be played by typing your name then press the enter key. Then wait for a while and either type 1 to play again and enter another name or type 2 to stop the game.

Is it free?
Yes. LNA is free.

How many people do you recommend to play this game?
Any number of people even it reaches a billion people.

While creating the game, who inspired you to keep persevering to create the game?
Well, it's a secret but she's one of my schoolmates.

-Sean Francis Nierva Ballais (Le Name Analyst Creator)

Application (Le Name Analyst) can be executed from:
WindowsMac OS XLinux
[If application in Linux or Mac OS X, install WINE first.

Project Admins:

Screenshot thumbnail
The initial interface of Le Name Analyst.