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RankLib is a library of learning to rank algorithms. Currently eight popular algorithms have been implemented:

  • MART (Multiple Additive Regression Trees, a.k.a. Gradient boosted regression tree) [6]
  • RankNet [1]
  • RankBoost [2]
  • AdaRank [3]
  • Coordinate Ascent [4]
  • LambdaMART [5]
  • ListNet [7]
  • Random Forests [8]

It also implements many retrieval metrics as well as provides many ways to carry out evaluation.

Getting Started

Bug Report & Feature Request

Use the sourceforge toolbar right above this page: "Tickets" -> "Bugs" and "Feature Requests".

General Questions & Discussions

Use the discussion forum.

Community Contribution

If you want to contribute (ideas, codes, etc.) to make RankLib better, let me know in the community contribution forum.

Older Versions

Older versions of RankLib (before it moved into the Lemur Project) can be found here.


RankLib is available under BSD license.


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