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David Fisher

The Lemur Project, a collaboration between the Computer Science Department at the University of Massachusetts and the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, provides a collection of open-source software and data collections designed to facilitate research in language modeling and information retrieval. Lemur supports a wide range of industrial and research language applications such as ad-hoc retrieval, site-search, and text mining.

The Indri search engine supports indexing of large-scale text databases, the construction of simple language models for documents, queries, or subcollections, and the implementation of retrieval systems based on language models as well as a variety of other retrieval models. The system is written in the C and C++ languages, and is designed as a research system to run under Unix operating systems, although it can also run under Windows.

The sections below provide more insight into the toolkit and some of the notable features:


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Wiki: Indexer File Formats
Wiki: Indri