Lekhar Project
(Taken from the "read.me" file of the tool package)

Modus operandi (How to use)

Letters typed are set to either their phonetic equivalents (more or less) in English alphabet or similar appearing like usage of 'q' and 'z'; like 'a' types a virama or halanta, 'A' types 'big a', 'n' types 'na', 'q' types 'ta' ("t" as english "toy"), 'z' types 'da' ("d" as in english "dog") and 't' types 'ta' ('t" as in spanish "tomino").

Experiment with all the keys and explore (I am too sleepy at 3:00 in the morning to make a manual of those nifty things that you will hardly read I know.. so better is you explore. It's damn easy anyway!)


Yes. It's a FREEWARE so use it any way you want (even commercially.. no registration required)!

No. The source code is not provided. Though I might provide it in the future.
(If you are desperate for source try decompiling the classes.. :D MANY FREE tools are available on internet that you can use for it)


Some characters can be written using the SHIFT or ALT key combinations with the main character keys. (like try Alt+s combination.. Note: No other alt+character combinations exist; only this one.)

** Note that Java is REQUIRED on your system to run this. Also there should be some Devanagari Unicode fonts available on your system. Don't worry; they generally are present.

The button ">>" below the writing area in lekhar copies all the text to the clipboard. I am not sure whether the clipboard thing works in *nix too but it's java so it SHOULD work!

How to run

Unzip the file lekhar_package.zip to any directory. You will get a directory called "lekhar_package". In this are all the required files.

1. For Linux run the "lekhar.jar" file.
[tip: if the jar file does not run on double click or opens something else, try this from the terminal:

java -jar lekhar.jar

Before this change your current directory to that of lekhar_package directory or add it to your PATH environment]

  1. For Windows run the "lekhar.exe" (recommended) or "lekhar.jar" file. Either will work but if compatible java not found only "lekhar.exe" will show a CLEAN error message.


I am not responsible for any harm this software directly or indirectly causes to you and/or your computer. You chose to use it. On the other hand I am responsible for all the benefits and happiness you get from using this free software. ;)


Please support free software! You got this software for free (without a coin payed!) and so should happen for all software. Appreciation is the GREATEST tribute to the developer of a software and money makes it corrupt...
So.. support free software!

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