Sample Programs

Lawrie Griffiths

Sample Programs

There are a set of sample programs for leJOS on the EV3 current available. These will change as the project is develops.

Currently, those that run on the EV3 are:

  • EV3BumperCar
  • EV3ColorTest
  • EV3GrapicsTest
  • EV3SensorMonitor

Those that run on the PC are:

  • EV3Chart

Those that run on Android are:

  • EV3AndroidMenu

There are others currently in the git repository, but they are being reviewed and may be deleted.


EV3BumperCar needs a wheeled vehicle with a differential drive, like TRACK3R.

It uses the EV3 IR sensor for two purposes:

  1. To detect obstacles
  2. To take commands from the IR Beaon.

You can drive the bumper car around with the IR Beacon and it will run an avoidane behavior when it detects an obstacle. It uses the leJOS behavior classes.


EV3GraphicsTest is a graphics LCD program that demonstrates the use of the EV3 hardware and leJOS features.


EV3ColorTest tests an EV3, NXT or HiTechnic color or light sensor.

It uses a TextMenu to let you choose which sensor to test, on which port, and in which mode.

If you upload 8-bit wav files to the EV3 for each color, it can identify colors and speak the color name.


EV3SensorMonitor tells you which sensors are plugged in and removed from the EV3. It attempts to identify the sensor and call some of its sensor class methods using Java Reflection.


EV3Chart runs on the PC and uses jfreechart libraries to draw charts of sensor values for sensors attached to the EV3. It uses a properties file to specify the sensor to use and the chart properties.

It uses Java RMI supported by the leJOS EV3 menu program to access the sensor remotely.

It currently supports real-time bar charts and line graphs.


This is an Android project that does a subset of what the EV3Control PC tool does.

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