Configuring Wifi

Andy Shaw Lawrie Griffiths
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Configuring Wifi

To use WiFi with the EV3 you will need a USB WiFi dongle. Driver modules for Atheros ATH9K and Realtex 8192cu based devices are included and will be loaded automatically based on the detected WiFi chipset. The EV3 has been tested using the NetGear WNA1100 and EDIMAX EW-7811Un adaptors, but others may work if they use the same chipsets.

To start your EV3, insert the SD card, insert your Wifi dongle (if you have one) in the USB host socket, and press the dark gray ENTER button.

If you are using Wifi, you will need to connect to your Wifi access point. This simplest way to do this is to use the menu program which should now be running.

However, you can also supply a wpa_supplicant.conf file as part of the SD card setup. If you did that, Wifi should now be configured and you should see the Wifi address as the second of the two IP addresses displayed by the menu. The first IP address is used by USB and Bluetooth PAN networking.

If you did not supply a wpa_supplicant.conf file, you can configure Wifi using the menu.

For full details on using the menu see [Using the Menu System].

To just configure Wifi, press the Right key until you see:

Then press Enter.

You should then see something like:

Press the Right key until the SSID for your Wifi access point is selected and then press Enter, and you should see:

Use the left, right, up and down keys to select letters, numbers and punctuation and press Enter to add then to the line of text that is shown on the bottom line of the screen.

The line above this has special selections. "U" selects upper case letters, and "l" lower case. "x" deletes the last character you typed, and "D" stands for Done.

Type in your password and then select D for Done.

You should then see some messages on the screen as networking is restarted. If all goes well, you will return to the menu with two IP addresses shown. The second is your wifi IP address.