leJOS NXJ JDK (Java for LEGO NXT robots) 0.8 released

leJOS NXJ is a Java Developer Kit for the LEGO NXT robotics set. With it you can build amazing robots and program them in Java. This is version 0.8, which includes several new features and bug fixes:
* iCommand is dead! Long live iCommand. PC control is now included in pccomm.jar and the lejos.nxt.remote package (see 'pcsamples' directory).
* RS485 Support in lejos.nxt.comm
* Faster bootup times
* Fixed the upload reliability problem with some NXT bricks (if it didn't work before it probably works now)
* Support for RFID, RCX Rotation Sensor, and EOPD sensors.
* Much larger support for Java 1.6 classes (including ArrayList) thanks to Sven Koehler
* Support for Generics, Enum classes and foreach loops!
* A fully working lejos.subsumption package
* NXJControl utility for quick control of motors and sensors
* Wider support in the lejos.navigation packages
* javax.microedition.location for Bluetooth GPS
* Lots of sample code in the 'samples' directory
Visit our web site at http://www.lejos.org or download directly from http://lejos.sourceforge.net/p_technologies/nxt/nxj/downloads.php

Posted by Brian Bagnall 2012-10-16

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