VM source compiles under Gameboy Development Kit

Run 'make' under gameboy_impl, and all of
the C source under vmsrc compiles with
lcc, the C compiler that comes with
gbdk 2.95-3 (see http://gbdk.sourceforge.net).

This is currently only available
in the latest CVS snapshot of leJOS.
No formal releases are planned yet.

lejos has a new -gb option that makes
it dump a C source file (containing all
the resolved bytecodes) which should be
linkable into a gbdk program.

What's missing are Gameboy APIs and a
more direct way to generate a ROM file out
of a Java class. If you have comments about
this project or if you're interested in
contributing, email me at jhsolorz@yahoo.com.

Posted by Jose Solorzano 2001-05-27

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