File Handling

  • Mario Wimmer

    Mario Wimmer - 2008-07-31


    i am a newbie at nxtOSEK. I'm looking for file handling routines Is it possible to open and write a file with nxtOSEK?

    Thanks and bye,

    • Krzysztof Madejski

      I've moved file handling routines from original lego firmware and bounded it to osek. It works quite fine. It's still in kind of development (I should incorporate these routins in ecrobot/c and test it a bit as I did it today). If you want the current code contact me by e-mail.
      Of course you have to have enhanced firmware installed on brick to use its filesystem.

  • Anonymous - 2011-07-15

    Are the sources for file handling still available?
    Are there any other ways to store information persistant on the NXT brick?


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