spaceballs - 2008-08-31

my English is not so good, and so I still don't understand everything that has been written about this topic.

Here are my questions:

is nxtOSEK a compiler which produces excutable machine code or ist it sort of bytecode interpreter like RobotC, NXC or LeJos?

how big is the variable memory/stack ? (very important! 15k of RobotC are much too poor!)

is there a heap for allocating dynamic memory / how large is the maximum heap size?

are fully recursive functions possible? (very important if different functions call each other)

may the memory be extended by external memory, e.g. SD cards via I²C (or maybe by RS485)? (very important e.g. maps for navigation, a-star...) 

has it got a RS485 data transmission or network protocol? (very important for RS485 remote access to sensors and motors of connected bricks and maybe co-processing calculations)

About this I still haven't found the answers - could plz somebody help me with this?

kind regards!