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  • anne

    anne - 2007-12-14

    Dear developers,

    On the web I encountered your initiative that makes it possible to write ANSI C programs for the Mindstorms NXT robot. I am not fully aware of the capabilities of the OSEK operating system, but from what I understand it contains a scheduler, drivers, etc. in the form of  OIL specifications that can be transferred to C files by virtue of a System Generator. Although, no that cant be the case, because there is a lot of code already in C in the ../lejos_osek/lejos_nxj/src/nxtvm/platform/nxt directory.

    When I compile an example like ../lejos_osek/samples/alarmtest it turns out to need this System Generator:

    > Generating OSEK kernel config files
    > ../../toppers_osek/sg/sg.exe ./AlarmTest.oil \ >        -os=ECC2 -I../../toppers_osek/sg/impl_oil -template=../../toppers_osek/sg/lego_nxt.sgt
    > run-detectors: unable to find an interpreter for
    > ../../toppers_osek/sg/sg.exe
    > make: *** [kernel_cfg.c] Error 2

    With "file ../../toppers_osek/sg/sg.exe" I can check of course, if it is really an Windows executable, it turns out to be that:
    > ../../toppers_osek/sg/sg.exe: MS-DOS executable PE  for MS Windows (console) Intel 80386 32-bit

    I know that this project states that LEJOS OSEK is only meant to be compiled on Windows. However, I would like to know what exactly this System Generator does. Is this the part you build yourself? And is it perhaps possible to use the System Generator from Trampoline, or openOSEC? Or can your System Generator be recompiled from source on my Linux system?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Kind regards,


    • Jose Vasconcellos

      Try out the latest release (1.07). I've been able to build it on Linux using wine to run the sg.exe without problems. The system generation utility is closely coupled with the toppers osek source code so it may be difficult to use a different system generator.


      • anne

        anne - 2007-12-27

        Thanks Jose,

        It seems to work okay, but I have some other problems. I will post them on the "Help" forum, because it's not really about operation support or other "Open Discussion" items.

        Kind regards,



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