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Leges Motus v. 0.2.1 Released!

This is a bug fix release, to solve some game logic and interface problems in v. 0.2.0:

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed displaying the chat log on top of the score overlay.
- Fixed showing the score overlay when the input bar is shown.
- Options now only apply themselves when "Apply" is clicked, not "Back".
- Server no longer gives points for shooting frozen players.
- Added a global configuration file for Windows.

Posted by Greywhind 2009-07-12

Leges Motus v. 0.2.0 Released!

== Announcing 0.2.0 ==

Leges Motus, the open-source 2D team-based tactical shooter set in zero-gravity, is glad to announce the release of version 0.2.0, the second beta of the game. This release brings numerous improvements to the user interface, maps, and various other parts of the game. It also fixes a large number of bugs.

Here's a list of the major new features (a full list of changes can be found in the CHANGES file inside the source package):
- Persistent client configuration file, allowing users to configure their name, screen resolution, and other options and have them persist across invocations of the game.
- Highly flexible server configuration to tweak many aspects of gameplay, including friendly fire, gate open and close times, freeze time, and more.
- A chat log which shows old chat messages.
- Announcements for imporatant events like shootings and gate engagement.
- A new map format, which is more readable, more extensible, and supports tiling obstacles.
- The map can be downloaded from the server, allowing players to play on maps which they don't have installed.
- Configurable radar "aural" mode: enemies only show on radar when they fire.
- The server now uses UDP hole punching to allow connections through firewalls.
- Map code now caches sprites, reducing memory usage of the client.... read more

Posted by Greywhind 2009-07-08

Leges Motus Beta 1 Released!

Leges Motus, the open-source 2D team-based tactical shooter set in zero-gravity, released its first open beta today. With nearly six months of development behind it, the game has solid multiplayer gameplay that combines twitch aiming with strategic planning as players attempt to move across the arena, freezing opponents to reach the other team's gate and bring it down. Leges Motus is looking for map-makers and artists to expand the game's resources, but mostly, it's just looking for you to join in the fun.... read more

Posted by Greywhind 2009-06-08

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