Snow world - where is the Lightning Sword (no need for getting the bow maybe?)

  • Anonymous - 2013-06-10

    Where can I find the Lightning Sword in the snow world?
    I am stuck there, I have downloaded the sourcecode with the maps, but still... please?

  • Richard Sweeney

    Richard Sweeney - 2013-06-11

    The items are placed in 9 random locations, you have probably missed a spot. There is one place where you drop down and need to push right to enter a small tunnel (near where the log is). Have you looked there?

    • Anonymous - 2013-06-11

      Thanks Richard.

      Yeah, I have looked there.
      There is one of these snow creatures and one ice thingy falling from the ceiling, and my bow is frozen in the ground. That's all I can see there.

      Could it be that I didn't get the Lightning Sword? I have not seen it. I did have a look at the graphics in the source code and I am sure I did not get it.

      Many, many thanks for this game btw.

  • Richard Sweeney

    Richard Sweeney - 2013-06-11

    Can you upload your save file somewhere so I can have a look? It might be a bug.

  • Anonymous - 2013-06-12

    Here it is... many thanks.

  • Richard Sweeney

    Richard Sweeney - 2013-06-12

    The bow appears to be stuck in the world, which shouldn't be able to happen. I'll have to check the code and see if I can figure out how that happened.

    Do you have a save file before you were sent to the snow? If not, I can probably modify your save file to move the bow so you can reach it.

  • Anonymous - 2013-06-12

    Oh, unfortunately I don't have a savefile befor that.

    Just curious, I downloaded the source and on map18 there is no reference to the bow, only to the Lightning Sword?
    And the Lightning Sword seems to be available in map13, though I didn't get it.



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