Palamedes - 2012-11-24

More info about how to recreate this bug: it depends on what the location of the fire salamander was when it received its last blow from an ice cube before becoming stunned.

If the fire salamander was at either side of the battle area when it was stunned - for example, the sideways fire spitting attack, then the salamander rises up from the stunned position, and transforms into the ice form where it is - and the battle continues as normal.

However, if the fire salamander was in the upper middle area - for example, for the ceiling burn attack - and Edgar delivers the last blow by throwing an ice cube from as high as he can jump from the platform beside the stalactite, then the salamander will fall to the middle of the battle area when stunned. Once the stun phase has finished, the salamander will move up, then sideways, and back down again, before starting to transform into the ice form. It's at this point that it's possible to stun the salamander again with only one hit.