#36 some enhancement ideas

  • Reduce snapper dwell time: It get tedious sometimes when you have to walk past several snappers. I suggest reducing the time snappers spend at the bottom to about 1 second.

  • Make an option to skip cut scenes: Many (all?) cut scenes could be skipped. If you're going in against a boss you may need several tries and several times through the preceeding cut scene. (Is this what a 'continue' is for? I haven't tried.)

  • Jump on fire shield pedestal in armoury: When Edgar jumps up to the old shield in the armoury--or comes into contact with any other object that initiates dialog--he stops moving horizontially. This causes him to land at the extreme left edge of the shield column where he's floating in the air. Maybe the easiest thing to do in context of the game physics and gameplay is to have him just walk to the center of the column immediately, or maybe change the geometry of the pedestal.

  • Medals:

  • 'Escaped the Dungeon' medal should be fire shield level: Edgar always obtains the fire shield before arriving at the dungeon.
  • It's currently not possible to finish the game with only 5 hitpoints: some giant hearts are unavoidable, like the one from the Borer.

  • Should red book fire balls be quenched in water (maybe melt ice cubes as well?)

  • Inconsistency among active elements of maps: Snappers, some spiders, horizontal fire spitters, etc. are not destructible, while other objects that can be thought of as having the same role, like flowers, water and slime pillars, and other spiders, are destructible.

  • Inconsistent menu keys:

  • Different menus and menu items/dialogs are cancelled/selected by different keys: sometimes attack, sometimes escape, sometimes enter, sometimes space
  • When the edgar window loses focus, it automatically pauses by opening the main menu. A common key combination that is used to switch between viewports/workspaces/whatever usually involves combinations of <ctrl> and/or <alt>, at least on linux and mac. This has the unfortunate effect of selecting the highlighted menu entry when I happen to pass through the workspace containing the game. Usually it's the 'Load Game' entry and if I pass through twice, it inadvertently reloads the last save game.
  • It would be nice if the 'Choose slot to load from' submenu, and indeed all menus, could be cancelled by <esc>.

  • Enchanted weaponry doesn't work on enemies who are charged with the same enchantments (such as with red books and fire and yellow books and lightning):

  • I suppose that because armadillos are not enchanted, their spike balls can be used against them.
  • Perhaps red books and yellow books can acquire some minor additional powers when attacked a sufficient number of times by their corresponding enchantment, similar to master tortoises.

This is otherwise a really great game.


  • Justin Findlay

    Justin Findlay - 2012-03-25

    It should stop raining in the Forbidden Swamp after Edgar arrives at the Fortress for story consistency.

  • Richard Sweeney

    Richard Sweeney - 2012-03-25

    Thanks for the reports.

    Yes, the continue option allows you to continue from the start of a boss battle instead of having to go from a save point.

    I don't understand what you mean regarding the "Escaped the Dungeon" medal. You should obtain this medal when Edgar escapes the dungeon after the Sorcerer sends him there.

    The giant hearts vanish after something like 30 seconds, so it is possible to complete the game with only 5 hit points (I obviously played the game through to make sure it could be done before I added the medal).

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    What I mean is that the medal has a wooden shield icon rather than a fire shield icon. Edgar must obtain the fire shield before even confronting the sorcer. This is why I think that the medal should have a fire shield icon.

  • Anonymous - 2012-11-24

    It's possible to go past fireballs with health potions instead of fire shield. I didn't try, though, to get to the sorcerer without the shield, only get past some puzzles.



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